Ventilation of Air Compressor

Published: 26th May 2011
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Whether users are using no oil or fuel injection air compressor, air compressor, air compressor room must solve the ventilation problem. Because more than 50% of the general air compressor malfunction are due to neglect or error in this respect to understand.

Compressed air in the process will be a lot of heat comes out, the heat if the compressor room in a timely manner will cause the air compressor discharge room temperature gradually increased, so that the temperature of suction air compressor will be more and more a vicious cycle that will cause the air compressor exhaust temperature high alarm, and because the density of small, high-temperature air will cause gas production decline.

For water-cooled compressor is concerned, most of the heat transfer through the heat exchanger to the cooling water, the heat away from the cooling water, then only need to set a smaller fan to the main motor through a small part of the heat issue with go on the trip, and for air-cooled compressor is concerned, need a lot of fresh air on the compression heat exchange processes, then must consider the entrance of fresh air, preferably near the entrance of cooling air intake compressor (used to compress the best part of the air inlet can be close to the fresh air intakes). If it is necessary to set a separate air duct to the introduction of fresh air to avoid air compressor room air cooling effect, of course, as the compressor housing to be constructed. To set the air duct will generally heat exchange through the export of hot air compressor room, if necessary, the export settings but also in the lead hot air fan or blower to enhance the export effect.

Fresh air intake above the compressor room to set low, while the hot air lead exports (including the appropriate fan or blower) to set high, because the hot air of the density, usually stays at a high level, this set will be conducive to export hot air, and it will prevent the discharge of hot air re-entering the air inlet and a short circuit occurs. Do not need to pay attention outside is the best thing to fresh air intake and hot air conduction exports were set on both sides of the wall in the relative, is also purpose in doing so to prevent the discharge of hot air re-entering the air inlet and a short circuit occurs. Best set in the fresh air at the entrance to the grid to prevent more dust or catkins dust and other debris into the air compressor room, the guide in the export of hot air is preferable to avoid the rain cover hot water into the discharge channel.

Regardless of air inlet duct or air outlet duct, should be reduced to avoid the relatively large diameter or elbow, as this will cause relatively large air resistance affect ventilation.

Because the compressor room air is used for compression and cooling, and fresh air are generally passive to supplement, so the compressor room will usually maintain a certain negative pressure, which is normal. However, if the negative pressure exceeds the allowable value to indicate a need to improve the size of air inlet or into the wind, because the negative pressure caused by the cooling effect over the General Assembly to reduce variation and displacement.

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